A Featured Working Life

We spend most of our time with work. By choosing a work, we make a vital decision for our life. MHR&Partners offers you more than simple work environment. There are many reasons that make us the best option for you. Such as:


In MHR & Partners, which develops in Auditing and Counseling sector especially last 5 years in both Turkey and overseas, employees have very tempting career opportunities. Career steps are shorter in such rising companies.

Working Overseas

We are the first auditing company founded in Turkey and opening overseas offices. We will empower our global stance especially by opening new offices in Europe. Opportunities, meeting different countries and cultures, lie ahead of you

Professional Development

We always invest in our employees’ area of expertise in order to contribute their professions. It will take only one and a half year to gain expertise, which normally lasts 4 years in sector, for you via us. We promote sharing information and self-development.

Respect For Diversity

Our work culture includes respect for honor and diversity as core values. Every employee feel secure and doesn’t get worried about anything while expressing their ideas.

Funny Offices

We attach great importance to succeed and feel success together in MHR & Partners. We have amusing and friendly life in our offices. Every employee is entitled to be happy. We are not only good at working, but we are very good at entertaining and having fun.

Social Rights

We have a supporting work culture that shares risks and awards. We grant shares to our employees according to our profit at the end of the year. We have a fair premium system, dependent on performance and capabilities.

Who Do We Work With?

While hiring an employee in MHR & Partners, our candidate goes through very careful and comprehensive employing process. We decide if the candidate will join at us by face-to-face meeting, personal inventory test and 3-day on-the-job training. There are some extra indispensable main perfections apart from special job requirements such as these;
During the hiring process, we act according to respect for human dignity, impartiality, equality, security and informing rules.

Career Opportunities For College Students

Young people, having experience in work life before graduating, have an advantage during their career track. Apply for our vacant positions if you want to do an internship or work part-time, by this way you will have a chance at building a career in MHR & Partners.

How Can I Apply?

If you decide to work in MHR & Partners send your resume, including the reason why you are interested in our company, your expectations from the position, your area of interest and additional information about yourself, to ik@mhrpartner.com
You can make an application for Open Positions Announcements on platforms below: