Our Service Philosophy

As MHR & Partners, we have adopted the principle of serving our customers on-site, quickly, in open communication, and with honesty. With our expert team and human-oriented service approach, we attach importance to making our customers feel safe. You can find a summary of our range of services below.

Return Services

Auditing Services

Consultancy Services

Conflict and Accords Services

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Why MHR & Partners ?

Expert Team

We have experts who produce quality results with many years of government and private sector experience. We invest in the personal development of our employees and offer them a happy working environment.


We offer the fastest service without compromising on quality. We have a separate team that specifically monitors each customer file and monitors and analyzes the processes daily.

Open Communication

We are transparent to our customers, we stay in close communication with them. We value listening to our customers and understanding their expectations and needs. We inform our customers at every stage of the service process.


Confidentiality of customer information is our primary business rule. We maintain a relationship with our customers by adhering to the principle of honesty. The trust of our customers is our most valuable asset.

On the Field

We have liaison offices to be close to our customers and provide on-site service. We are in the field and we stand by our customers. We believe that being in active communication with our customers brings each other.

Global Vision

We think globally and act locally. We are the first audit company established in Turkey to have partners and solution partners abroad. We have a global network that brings together business opportunities globally and in our country.

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