Dynamics to Consider When Establishing a Company in Germany and the Netherlands

Mehmet Akif Özmen | Sworn-in CPA | Founder, CEO

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to establish a new company and grow their business abroad. For more than five years, I have been working with entrepreneurs in Turkey on establishing and investing in the European market. We established our own company in Germany. As the Chairman of the Board of MHR & Partners, I have coordinated the establishment stages of many companies in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, and the UK, together with our business partners for the last three years. I have met with many business people, financial advisors, and business partners in Europe and made many business trips. I want to summarize the warm experiences I have gained from these contacts and businesses by combining them with our professional experience of more than 25 years.

What should you consider when establishing a company in Germany and the Netherlands?

Germany and the Netherlands, with their strong and stable economies, are among the countries preferred by entrepreneurs from all over the world to establish companies and make investments. In this article, we answer the following questions that business people are most curious about:

Which criteria should we consider, and which evaluations should we make when establishing a company in Germany and the Netherlands?

What individual and organizational factors should we investigate?

Entrepreneurial Dynamics

1. Your Workload and Time Management

One of the entrepreneurs’ most critical problems is time management. Our team and system can control the dynamics to manage this problem efficiently and effectively, which is crucial for growth and service diversification.

2. Your Customer Base Density

It would help if you correctly calculated which regions and sectors you are concentrated in, which sectors and regions you need to expand to, and the timing.

3. Regions with High Collection Rates

When expanding into new areas, you should assess the sectoral collection situation well. Financial revenues or reserve funds are essential in case of risk.

Reading Advice

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External Dynamics of Your Company

1. Language Skills of Managers

Using this language, you should evaluate the languages spoken in the country where you will invest and the presence of partners, teams, or partners.

2. Sectoral Density of Customers

Operating in customer-intensive areas, being close to the customer relaxes you and allows you to observe the change needs instantly.

3. Presence of Familiar People or People in Residence

The resident partner or employees will support you in difficult situations and help you get through the processes quickly. It is imperative to consult people who know the industry.

4. Proximity to production and market

Market and marketing activities are the most essential elements of a company. Although technical units produce, it is vital to have marketing and sales teams that will sell, grow, and reduce the pressure on the technical team.

5. Addressing the Customer Audience

It must be positioned according to the customer base and close to the market. Production companies should always be distribution and sales-orientated. Logistics companies need to establish a good coordination network in the field.

6. Marketing and Sales Network Structure

It is easy to grow your business, but the sales and marketing unit must ensure permanence in the field. In this regard, you need a responsible and active team.

7. Trends in the World

The world is changing quickly, and a team should follow these trends in direct contact with the customer.

8. Production Process and Channels

The production process is also changing rapidly. Wars, changes in production demands, and costs affect the market. Those who catch these changes instantly survive and grow.

9. Risk Analysis and Crisis Management

If you have a system that measures and evaluates risks, it will be easier to move forward. Having a team and a project system that considers these issues will make you more resilient in times of crisis.

What Can We Do For You?

As MHR & Partners, we are directly and indirectly active in more than 20 countries worldwide. We aim to operate with 10 branches in 100 countries in 10 years. We offer you end-to-end consultancy and support services in establishing a company, obtaining a residence permit, and in all operational processes abroad, primarily financial issues.

Our priority is to provide consultancy services to companies with a growth vision and business strategy abroad. We attach particular importance to the uninterrupted continuation of our services with the assurance of MHR & Partners (Mühür YMM AŞ) after the company establishment stages. Our core mission is to be a safe harbor and provide sustainable services.

We want to be a bridge to our customers’ business plans for growth and development, even in the most remote parts of the world.

To establish a business in Turkey or Europe (Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro), you can contact Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant Mehmet Akif Özmen directly (+90 542 830 3408 or akif.ozmen@mhrpartner.com).